Winter (and Tour with Stick Figure) is Coming for Iya Terra


Byline: Allie Adams

As Iya Terra finishes their fall Roots Train Tour next weekend in San Diego alongside SoCal rocksteady staples The Expanders and soulful Guamanian For Peace Band, they prepare for some time at home this winter to write new music charged with intention and, as always, love. Recently signed with Ineffable Music Group, this LA five-piece will take to the road with fellow IMG artist Stick Figure next January on the longest and most high-profile tour for the group to date. I caught up with them in Riverside last Friday to talk about what they’re feeling and what they hope for.

IMG_3409AA: You guys recently signed with Ineffable Music Group. What changes can we expect to see in the coming months?

NF: It’s been cool thus far, it’s still early in the grand scheme of things. We’re excited to be on a good team like Ineffable. We all think what they’re doing for the scene and for the bands we love is really amazing. We’re most looking forward to the possibilities: more outreach, more people, more ways to spread the music, touring with bigger bands and really just more touring in general. And most importantly, guidance from them.

AA: What are some highlights from the Roots Train Tour so far?

NL: Honestly every night there’s a new highlight because The Expanders and For Peace Band are the most fun people to tour with ever.

NS: I have agree with Nick. There’s always something new you learn every night just watching The Expanders… veterans taking us newbs on the road. They’ve showing us so much love and guidance.

AA: So they’ve been kinda mentors for you guys?

NF: Totally. They’ve both been some of our favorites since day one. Even before we started Iya Terra we were already fans of The Expanders and to be on the road with them is literally a dream come true. We find huge inspiration in watching them play every night and are just so happy to hear the songs live constantly. We feel blessed.

AA: So this is a really big deal–You just announced a tour with Stick Figure…

[entire band whistles in anticipatory joy]

NF: Stick has always been super cool to us, ever since we reached out to do the track [“Give Thanks”] together they’ve shown us nothing but love. Touring with them is always something we’ve wanted to do and now that it was actually happening, we’re stoked and really looking forward to it.

NS: I’m excited for Cocoa the Tour Dog [howls]. Next question. 

IMG_3464AA: You guys are big on setting goals. What are your next set of goals, being that Ineffable is opening a lot of doors?

NF: We can’t wait to put out a new album soon and drop new music. We’re taking a couple months off before the Stick Figure tour to go back to the studio and start writing some songs. We’ve been so busy this year we haven’t gotten a chance to write too much music… being on the road makes it kinda hard to do that. We’re really ready to take it easy for a couple months and go home, write a bunch of tunes and start working on the record. And also just more touring, we’re looking forward to bigger tours next year. Hopefully we can secure a rad summer tour.

AA: Any inspiration for the new album yet?

IMG_3410BB: Lately we’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from the late 60’s music and really exploring a lot of new bands. It’s awesome and beautiful. It’s that constant curiosity that keeps us inspired.

AA: You guys are pretty political in a lot of your lyrics. Is that something we can expect from the new album too?

NS: I don’t know if I would say we’re political, it’s more of a conscious message than anything. We are aware of politics and we’re not for any side. That being said, the next album will probably have a lot to do with corporations, organizations and the way things are handled. Current events, you know?

NL: A lot of reggae music is about bringing awareness and pointing out problems in the world. I think more people need to hear about the solutions to those problems and putting action behind issues. I hope we can be a group that does that–actually following through on what we sing about in our day-to-day lives when no one is watching.

AA: We can’t wait to see what you guy create. I think that’s a wrap. Let’s watch this show. 

*Get tickets for their show in San Diego and tour with Stick Figure HERE.

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