White Glove Service Collabs With Passafire

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Have you ever imagined how awesome it would be writing a song with one of your favorite artists – what it would feel like to hear their voice on music that you wrote? White Glove Service was fortunate enough to experience that magic.

Deep in the sun-drenched valley of Fresno, California there’s a small compound. Fruit trees grow in abundance, and snow-capped mountains rise majestically in the distance. Inside the walls of this unassuming compound there’s some beautiful musical magic happening.

This is where the reggae band White Glove Service lives and breathes their passion for music together. It’s a pretty unique thing having a band live together – any band will tell you it’s tough enough being in tight spaces on the road, to actually live together though – that’s not something you see too often.

White Glove Service Infinite Track Listing

But this gives all six of them a unique opportunity to collaborate and truly learn each other’s creative processes. While working on their recently released album Infinite, they had the amazing chance to work with one of their favorite artists, Ted Bowne, lead singer and guitar player for Passafire.

How They Got the Opportunity to Work With Passafire

Jake Caswell, lead singer for White Glove Service, told me they originally met Passafire years ago, and have always been big fans of the band. Recently, when Passafire was on tour in Fresno, White Glove Service went to support and see them play. After Passafire’s set, they met with the band, told them how amazing their show was, and took a big chance asking if they’d be interested in guesting on their new album.

Ted Bowne, in his truly kind and humble Southern demeanor, told them he he’d love to, and that he was looking forward to it. He asked that they send the song over to him when it was ready. Just like that, White Glove Service was set to work with one of their favorite musicians on a new song… isn’t it awesome how things like this happen just by asking sometimes?

After a couple months spent in their compound writing and recording new songs, they were ready to send the title track “Infinite” to Ted. They sent it over and expected to wait a while before they heard anything – after all, the singer of a band like Passafire isn’t exactly just sitting around with nothing to do.

No more than a day or so after sending the new song over to Ted, White Glove Service was suprised when they received a message back from him. Ted had already recorded his entire part in his home studio, including a full verse and background harmonies, and sent it back ready to go.

“We were absolutely blown away with how fast Ted finished his part and returned it. The guy is truly amazing – to put down vocals that good in such a short amount of time – it was insane.” – Jake Caswell, White Glove Service

Ted Bowne from Passafire Working In the Studio

Not just that, but Ted also had some kind words for them about the song. He said he loved it, was honored to work with them, and even extended the band an invite to come record at his home studio in Savannah, Georgia if they’re in the area. When you get an invite from one of your most well-known reggae-rock bands to come record at their home studio, you know you’re doing something right.

This is why bands like Passafire are so freakin’ awesome. For a guy like Ted who spends 98% of his time on the road touring, constantly writing new songs, and playing huge shows, he was kind enough to jump right in and lay down guest vocals on White Glove Service’s new album.

Take a Listen Now

You can, and should, take a listen to the album here. It’s been 2 years in the making, and these talented musicians left their hearts and souls on every track.

White Glove Service has come a long way from the little shows my old band played with them in Pacific Beach years and years ago. Now they’re working with artists like Passafire, playing huge festivals like One Love Cali Reggae Fest and Grizzly Fest, and just announced a national tour with Tatanka!

There’s nothing like seeing people you love and respect follow their dreams and keep growing. Thank you White Glove Service for the awesome tunes!

Much love to both White Glove Service and Passafire from the Hill Kid fam!

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