What KBong’s Fans Have to Say About Him

KBong Easy to Love You

There’s no shortage of really nice things I can write about KBong. Besides being an all-around fun person to share a beer, laugh, or good jam with, he’s got a serious and inspiring work ethic as a musician.

He’s been playing keys around the world with Stick Figure, playing shows with his own band on “off nights”, and on the side he managed to write, record, and help produce his own entirely new album this past year on the road.

Rather than talk about his new album like everyone else is going to (though you should still pre-order it :)), I wanted to give him something special. As a belated birthday gift to him, I put together this post with 47 things that his fans had to say about him.

In case there was ever any doubt KBong, you’ve already left a pretty strong positive impact on the world. Much love, thank you for being you man!


Without further ado, here’s what the people had to say :)

Jackson Westover: That’s Fam! ALWAYS showing love and gratitude. Such a humble dude, so sooo talented

Nicole Cerbone: Keyboard kicks, big smiles, positive vibes

Jamie Williams: The energy he brings is spectacular. When I see them all together on stage any sour feelings go away and it’s all love and happiness.

Ashley Vander Pol: Such a vibrant soul! He really brings the whole show together. Keeps the band alive and definitely pulls the crowd in. Can’t get enough of those keyboard kicks! Also, his new single is fire!!

Ashley Livingston: I love how contagious his positivity is, in life and in his music.

Joshua Norris: The last night of last years CTTS, while Stoopid was playing in the palapa, he took the time to just hang out and chat with me for like 15 minutes. And about halfway through I was just like, “By the way, you realize how cool it is for me to just sit here and talk with you?” and he said, “Trust me man, I know.” I just thought this has to be the coolest most down to earth person I’ve ever met. Kbong fan for life!

Kristy Doyle: K Bong has the most infectious smile of anyone I have ever met!!! If he sees someone rocking K Bong gear, he most definitely will talk to them and thank him. He truly is just an amazingly happy and joyful person to be around!!!

Chalynn Ellis: His smile is dynamic and contagious and you can’t help but love him.

Brittany Lattimer: Living in a dream …. this song not only relaxes me but makes me so happy every time i hear it! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him but I’ll be stoked the day i do! Love me some Kbong!!

Jamie Lynn Keseloff: He knows how to pump the crowd up and is so entertaining to watch!

Bradd Johnson: Vibes man, total vibes!

Kevin Jordan Ries: He always has a smile on his face! He came up and jammed with us at the Sunfest after party. Killed it!

Regina Cervantes: Since the very first time I met him his positive energy has been infectious and you can’t help but smile around him. Being in the scene for the last 7 years I can say that KBong is always someone I look forward to seeing even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. He’s always been genuine with his conversations and never makes anyone feel like a stranger that gets to interact with him. Being able to listen to his music actually tunes you into that exact energy he always displays and regardless of the day I’m having it always lifts me up. He’s mos def an artist that deserves his shine!! Bless up!!

Benson Brown: Stand up guy with killer energy and a heart of gold.

Erin Turner: He has the happiest smile of anyone I’ve ever seen. Always full of excitement and energy and draws the crowd in. His music has such a soothing affect on my soul. Love him and hope to meet him one day!

Crystal Nodine: Just such good energy and good vibes all around! He can change your mood almost instantly and is so uplifting and inspirational

Lori VanOrmer Moore: His energy is infectious!!

Jeff Mosley: Pure Joy in his heart!

Chrissy Serio: Love KBong!!! He once sold me his Hopes and Dreams CD for $5 because I had already bought all kinds of Stick gear. Since then it had become one of my favorite CDs. I then felt really bad for bargaining with him but glad he made the deal because I love it so much. Later down the road I met up with him before the 311 cruise and handed him the other $5 and told him I owed it to him and why.

Sarah Elizabeth Cooper: Besides being amazing, he wore the shirt that I made him on stage @ Cali Roots!!!

Brian LaBarre: His positivity is infectious. His music just makes you happy!

Chris Burek: Lord….where to begin?? The way he gets the crowd into the music and lifts us even higher than we already are…

Aaron Pennington: I have always respected how he treats his fans. Particularly the littles. He is my son’s idol because he always takes the time to stop and talk to the young fans. I remember taking my boy to a rare all ages show and my son insisted on being on the rail. Kevin went out of his way to grab an SF pick and hand it to him…it made his day! KBong is just an amazing soul who does it for the love of of the music and it shows!

Mellanie Sanchez: He has the most contagious energy and just has a beautiful soul.

Barb Salinas: Kbong’s energy is contagious!! Such a beautiful, musically talented soul!

Jamie Pender Tordoff: Contagious energy and smile!

Shaun Morris: You can see the love and positivity shining with his smile!!!! His stage presence also says it all. Plus that new single with the movement is straight

Jamie Malames: There are no words……just smiles on faces

Steve Nuzzo: Couple years ago they played a water park close to my house. My son loves him and just had to meet him. So Cam (my boy) made him a little sign to give to him. So we get there and soon enough kbong comes walking by, they meet and he gives him the sign (awesome moment). As the guys start to come on stage later on, kbong comes out flashing the sign, then a couple songs in he pulls him out of the crowd and let us sit side stage. Such an awesome time and one of my favorite Stick moments to date. To this day if you ask Kbong about Cam he’ll know exactly who you’re talking about. I like to believe they’ve got a special connection, but that’s just how kbong is. A contagious vibe, always smiling and a pleasure to hang with. He loves his fans and we love him back!

Tim Azzarano: Kevin is so real and human and humble. His charisma and personality radiate and almost pull u toward him, he is so positive.

Alisa Kelly: What I love is his ability to rap. Smile..and still play keyboard…awesomeness!

Jodi DeLaney: There is such a humble goodness about him. His talent, & love for music & life truly shows

Carol Pierce: Contagious energy!

Devin Reed: K bong is amazing because no matter what he’s doing in pics or videos he’s always just cheesing enjoying life and that’s how it should be

Tierney Peiffer: We love KBong because he actually keeps up with his outreach to his fans. He genuinely makes you feel like family! Nothing short of Authentic intoxicating contagious energy! He quite literally is my favorite human walking this planet.

Mark Simpson: K bong is one of the most uplifting people I’ve ever been around. His spirit and smile can shine like the sun. Just wish I got to see him and hear him more! BIG ups to KBong HILL KID and you Brendan Clemente Love you guys! Also one of the toughest… Dude was out for the count, flu or something fierce bit him HARD. Still played the show (only way more serious than usual haha!) Much respect for being a souljah!

Aimie Litchfield: My favorite was when he walked his mom on to the side stage to watch them play, it was so awesome to see all the love and pride, and he adores her it was a moment to remember.

Ashley Rebecca Quinlan: I love K Bong! He has such a magical and magnetic positive energy.

Shannah Henry: KBong has the most infectious smile of anyone I think I’ve ever met! I think he’s probably the best hype man in any band and always gets the crowd jumping! He’s talented, sweet, always treats people like family, and his message and vibe are unmatched. KBong is an all around amazing soul and deserves every bit of love that everyone is showing here! I remember being at One Love in LA and he came up to me and introduced me to his girlfriend at the time and it made me feel very special. He just has a way of doing that

Amber Dudley: It’s so hard not to feel blessed when you are looking at a face smiling back at you knowing that they feel blessed. KBong gives that to us.

Jerry Tolley: KBong is a blessing to this world! Every aspect of him exudes energy, positive vibes, love, happiness. Love me some KBong!

Lizzie Hanis: Holy smokes you have a lot to write! Lol. KBong is so dope! With and without stick figure! He writes music and lyrics and crowd surfs. His songs are most excellent. He is one amazing soul, inside and out!

Rikki Spinelli: I love KBong because his positive energy and vibes you just feel it resonate all around him ! Not to mention his musical genius in his lyrics and awesome keyboard playing.

Steven Hettinger: Just a really cool guy. Awesome musician and singer. Tons of energy and always smiling and spreading good vibes.

Alisa Kelly: Love that guy!!

George Santana: He is simply easy to love and his music is healing.

David Sanchez: KBong is the man, energy is through the roof , genuine down to earth guy and remembers all his fans, he chased down me and my friends before we left a show once to say bye and gift us all signed stick figure CDs for road cause he knew we traveled to see them

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