Timothy H. Releases New Single Featuring Members of Slightly Stoopid, P.O.D., Tribal Seeds and More

Remedy - Timothy H Music
About a month ago I sat down near the water in my little town of Ocean Beach with local artist Timothy H. Beer in hand and a warm ocean breeze passing by, I thought about how rewarding and challenging it can be to try making it in music.

Timothy’s enthusiasm for music and life is contagious. He’s a person who truly lives in the moment, which becomes instantly recognizable in his wide grin.  I first met him when he opened a show for Fortunate Youth down the street at Winston’s Beach Club. Since then, he has been on tour with his friends in P.O.D., and worked with some seriously top-notch musicians like Slightly Stoopid and Tribal Seeds on his new track.

You know, it’s just really inspiring seeing people follow their dreams. I love it. This guy moved here from Chicago to make it in music, and as he’ll reveal a little more about below, he recently got to sing with P.O.D. at a festival in front of 60,000 people. It’s exciting to me watching people work hard, overcome personal doubts, face trials and tribulations, and have it truly pay off.

I hope you’ll find some inspiration from Timothy in the interview below. You can grab the new track here! If you’re local, catch him playing 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach on Saturday,October 22!!

Hill Kid Brendan: How did you initially get started playing music?

Timothy H.: My Mom got me started. She played organ for our church. She sat me down to teach me, and I fought it. I was in second grade. So then she put me in choir. Later In life i realized she taught me the foundation for music. Moms always know best I guess.  lol

Hill Kid Brendan: When did you start seriously pursuing music?

Timothy H.: 7th grade I started seriously pursuing music. My Dad introduced me to the guitar, and then it was ON!

Hill Kid Brendan: What was the hardest part about getting started in your craft? How did you overcome it?

Timothy H.: The hardest part about getting started in my craft was just limited time. I played sports all year round and was active in a lot of school activities, so just finding time to practice music back in the day was hard. I would just squeeze it in any time I could. I remember coming home from school and football practice and going straight to my guitar. My parents said they would find me asleep with guitar in hand sometimes.. 

Hill Kid Brendan: What gave you the inspiration to begin playing music?

Timothy H.: My family gave me the inspiration to play music. My mom and grandmother through church, then My dad through his guitar.

Hill Kid Brendan: What’s your proudest accomplishment to date?

Timothy H.: Honestly proudest accomplishment to date is getting all these amazing artists from P.O.D., Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds and Fortunate Youth together on our new single “REMEDY”. I never really imagined so many talented players would play on our music. 

Hill Kid Brendan: What was your favorite show to play? Why?

Timothy H.: Well I currently sing some back-up vocals with P.O.D., so my Favorite show was a festival with them for 60,000 people. It was this past summer and It was televised so all our friends and family could watch it live, whereever they lived. It was cool to get hit up from all over the country saying they saw us on T.V.

Hill Kid Brendan: What is your favorite part about what you do?
Timothy H.: Favorite part about what I do are the live shows. I’m addicted to the energy and the feeling of helping people dance and have a blast.

Hill Kid Brendan: What is the most challenging part about what you do? How have you overcome that challenge?

Timothy H.: Most challenging part of what I do is of course missing my friends and family when on the road. But now I overcome that by dropping in on FaceTime. That helps a lot. 

Hill Kid Brendan: What’s the most rewarding part about what you do?

Timothy H.: Most rewarding part… hearing that a song we wrote really inspired someone to do something positive. 

Hill Kid Brendan: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Timothy H.: Favorite thing to do in my free time, believe it or not…. go to concerts!!  And spend time with the ocean.

Hill Kid Brendan: What’s your go-to band for a great day?

Timothy H.: Go-to band for a great day currently is… the Dirty Heads.

Hill Kid Brendan: What’s your go-to band for a tough day?

Timothy H.: Go-to artist for a tough day is probably… Lenny Kravitz.

Hill Kid Brendan: We believe everyone is an artist or has the potential to be. What does “art” mean to you?

Timothy H.: To me.. Art is the end product that makes the world a more beautiful place. It’s the manifestation of a creative idea into reality.  

Hill Kid Brendan: If you could give one piece of advice to other artists and creative people who are pursuing their dreams, what would it be?

Timothy H.: One piece of advice to other artist…. keep working hard.

Hill Kid Brendan: If you could give yourself from ten years ago advice, what would it be?

Timothy H.: Advice to myself Ten years ago….. keep doing what you’re doing… your on the right track.

Hill Kid Brendan: If you could give one message knowing everyone in the world would read it, what would it be?

Timothy H.: One message the whole world can read is …it’s true… what comes around goes around, so be good.

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