Tatanka’s New Single Is Just the Medicine the World Needs Right Now

Love Is Medicine - Tatanka

Tatanka’s new single is exactly the sonic explosion of love you need in your life right now – hit the play button before going any further, and then read what I have to say about it.

Freaking music, man. It still blows me away that songs can give me goosebumps, help me through hard days, take me back to beautiful moments in time, and create memories I’ll have with me the rest of my life.

Tatanka’s right… love is medicine, and their new electronically infused reggae hit is exactly the medicine that attracts us to music in the first place. I’m so happy that this music gets to be in everyone’s ears today.

I first heard this jam a few months ago after Tatanka was in San Diego for a show. I knew they were playing at the famous local venue Winston’s, and it’s one of my favorite places in town to see shows.

Winston’s is a little bar located in what you might refer to as the hippie area of San Diego, Ocean Beach. Nestled between our beautiful palm-tree-lined streets and the Pacific Ocean, it’s one of the places Slightly Stoopid used to jam when they were just kids (they still do occasionally jam there), and has been one of my favorite venues since I moved here.

I walked over to the show with Samantha Mecklenburg, who at the time was my soon-to-be-wife (we’re happily married now :) ), and we met our friends Tim Azzarano, AJ Johnson, and Garret Laver there. We had a couple beers and watched as Tatanka lit the place up with amazing vibes.

Music Is Medicine

I’m the kind of person who often finds myself in my head during really special moments, and Tatanka was playing the music that put me straight on that beautiful path. As Tatanka crushed it at this show, I looked around and all I could think about was how lucky I was to be there experiencing it.

The music, the venue, the beach, the wonderful people surrounding me – how freaking lucky am I that this is all part of my life? It was a moment that probably didn’t seem extraordinary to people looking from the outside, but it was huge for me.

When music takes you to a place of gratitude that deep, it’s an amazing thing. Tatanka is now forever responsible for giving me a moment in time that will never be replicated, and that I will love and appreciate forever.

A couple weeks after the show I started chatting with them on Instagram, and next thing I knew they were sending me new, unreleased songs. Love Is Medicine came through first and I was immediately floored; it’s such an amazing jam. It’s got the perfect blend of deep electronic sounds with a powerful reggae soul.

Love Is Medicine

That’s the power of music. When I listen to Love Is Medicine I know just how good things can be, and how connected we truly are.

What if we all took a step back and dug into how incredible it is that we’re all here experiencing this life together?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of hard feelings and negative things out there every day. Of course I see that. But I also know we have the capacity to be more than that, and I make a choice every day about what I’m going to focus on and create.

I’m not constantly positive because I pretend bad things don’t happen – I’m constantly positive because I know that if my smile, or words, or music, or anything else I do makes just one person feel better and act better, then I’ve made the world a better place, and we need more people doing that.

Tatanka, didn’t mean to get too deep on here, but seriously guys, your music puts me in the right place, and it’s incredibly refreshing seeing you spreading so much love in the world. I’m forever grateful our paths crossed, and that I’m in a position where my job is to help spread your vibe to others.

Love is medicine. You wouldn’t believe the impact it’ll have on your life if you let it.

Tatanka and Roots Musician Records, thank you for an amazing song – keep up the awesome work dudes! I can’t wait to see you guys rocking stadiums and being able to tell everyone I wrote about you back in the day :)

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Much Love,
Brendan Clemente and the Hill Kid Fam

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