Surrounded By The Sound Music and Arts Festival – Bringing Beautiful Vibes to South Carolina

Surrounded By The Sound 2018

Surrounded By The Sound is one of those music festivals that comes around each year and truly makes me bummed I’m missing it. I see people camping out, enjoying the beautiful river and natural surroundings, and coming together to appreciate great music with the people they love most.

It’s a bit of a trek for me to go from California over to South Carolina for it, but I absolutely hope to someday. But it makes me seriously happy that people are bringing similar vibes to different areas all around the country with festivals like this.

It really warms my heart seeing grassroots festivals like Surrounded By The Sound growing each year, especially when they’re put together by incredible people who love music as much as the fans who attend.

The festival was founded by nationally touring reggae/rock band Sun-Dried Vibes, who wanted to blend the experiences of camping, good-vibes-music, and a strong feeling of community into one beautiful weekend of fun. Ever since my friend Zach Fowler, singer and guitar player for Sun-Dried, told me he was helping put together a music festival in South Carolina, I knew it would be something special. (Not to mention, his band is literally dropping their third full length album on the first day of the festival this Friday – these guys seriously put in work!)

It’s been exciting for me seeing festivals spring up all around the country with heavy reggae and reggae/rock flavor, and when I see people as kind, organized, driven, and passionate as the people running this festival, it truly makes me happy watching from afar as they build an awesome event from the ground up.

In my experience it’s never a bad thing getting a bunch of people together who are unified by passions for art, music, fun, nature, and good vibes, and Surrounded By The Sound is helping that vision spread to South Carolina.

With bands like Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Badfish, Zach Deputy, New Kingston, Sun-Dried Vibes (so cool seeing the band helping put the entire event on playing the fest too), Tropidelic, Treehouse, Ted Bowne, Tatanka, Oogee Wawa, The Ries Brothers (one of my favorite newer bands – these guys shred!), Roots of a Rebellion, Of Good Nature, and so many damn more, it’s going to be 3 days of insanely good vibes.

We’re sending our love from Hill Kid over here on the west coast to you all – thank you for helping spread the vibes! If you can make it, don’t miss this awesome weekend!

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