Stick Figure Sets the “World on Fire” with Slightly Stoopid on New Song

Stick Figure World on Fire featuring Slightly Stoopid

First, do yourself a huge favor and listen to Stick Figure’s brand new just-released song featuring Slightly Stoopid, then we’ll continue this conversation.

Epic, right?

It’s amazing what can happen in ten years…

Stick Figure is on the road right now, playing as direct support for punk-reggae powerhouse Slightly Stoopid as they burn their way across the country on an enormous summer tour. But if you were to go back in time just ten years ago, Scott Woodruff (the founder of Stick Figure) was sitting at home in Duxbury, Massachusetts, gaining inspiration from bands like Slightly Stoopid, and recording his own songs to share on the internet. He spent hours upon hours learning to play each instrument himself, and then recorded and produced every one of them into beautifully-woven tapestries of reggae-inspired music.

Now, just ten years later, Stick Figure can be found headlining festivals, selling out venues around the world, and playing side-by-side with some of the most successful bands around. It’s been nothing short of amazing and inspiring seeing the journey unfold over the years.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a big Stick Figure fan, and I truly enjoy listening to the euphoric rhythms that Scott masterfully pieces together. But there’s something I love even more than the music…

I love the fact that Stick Figure started as a thought in Scott’s young imagination, just like any other kid that loves music, and dreams of doing something real with it. He sat down, put in the work, and fueled by the inspiration to create, crafted beautiful melodies that would eventually make their way into millions of ears around the world. Now, him and his insanely talented live touring band bring those songs to life in front of huge audiences everywhere.

The new song “World on Fire” (feat. Slightly Stoopid) is a perfect example of where the journey for Stick Figure has progressed. The same bands that Scott used to listen to for inspiration in Massachusetts all those years ago are now working in the studio with him, and sharing the same stages. By the time Slightly Stoopid blasts into this powerful, dub-filled, melody-driven masterpiece, the musical magic pulsing into your ears is enough to raise anyone’s vibration.

Like so many other awesome Stick songs, I find that it’s super fun to listen to over and over again, picking out new parts each time that you hadn’t even consciously realized were there before. I sat in my room the past couple days listening to this song and smiling to myself, knowing the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating it, and reflecting on how awesome it is when someone is able to bring their dreams to fruition.

Although so much has changed over the years, the most important things remain exactly the same: The music still stems from the desire to create something meaningful, that not only entices listeners with a complex and vibrant layer of sounds, but contributes insightful thoughts and ideas to the world.

When I listen to Stick Figure, I hear in each note the epic journey of a musician, from learning instruments in their room to sharing stages with their idols. The ripple-effect of it all is the music that inspires, brings us together, and creates real change in people’s lives around the world.

Thank you Stick and Stoopid for creating something so beautiful and powerful, and for the constant inspiration of what a dream backed by hard work can accomplish – much love from the Hill Kid fam!

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