Stick Figure Headlines Red Rocks

Stick Figure Red Rocks

Thought of the day (a new micro-blog from Brendan Clemente):

The Stick Figure show at Red Rocks is going to be insanely fun. As a musician myself, that gorgeous venue carved into the Colorado landscape is one of the epitomes of “making it” as an artist. It’s the place we all dream of playing, and I couldn’t think of a band that deserves to headline it more than Stick Figure.

It’s been a serious treat watching Stick Figure progress from Scott Woodruff sitting in his room making beats and writing songs, to the full band headlining festivals around the country and playing venues like Red Rocks. Scott definitely still spends a lot of time making beats and writing songs (now in his full-blown professional recording studio), but it’s really awesome seeing his incredible songwriting skills being recognized by so many people around the world now.

As soon as they announced the show, although in the middle of a huge moving day, I jumped online, went to the site, and grabbed a ticket as fast as I could. I don’t know what else will be going on that weekend, if the plane ticket from Minnesota will be cheap or expensive, or exactly how all my logistics will work out, but it doesn’t matter – I know that on Stick’s huge first time headlining the rocks, I’ll be there cheering my friends on and having the time of my life. There’s a lot of stuff that holds us back from going to concerts, but I hope you all find a way to get there and celebrate this amazing occasion… couldn’t think of a better way to spend 4/20!

(Not to mention the awesome bonus of seeing Pepper, Steel Pulse, The Movement, Iya Terra, and comedian Nick Swardson as the host – what a mind-blowing lineup!!!)

Hope to see you there too! Get a ticket while you can!

Tickets Available Here

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