Stick Figure Headlines Red Rocks for the First Time, Rocks an Unforgettable Sold Out Show

In The Barrel Photo - Red Rocks

All photo credit goes to my friend Keith Zacharski, the incredible founder of “In The Barrel Photo”

Last weekend in Colorado, I shared some of the most beautiful musical moments of my life, with some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. Standing there at the venue, as Stick Figure’s music washed over me like a wave of sonic joy, I turned around for a second, and looked up to see the towering pillars of Red Rocks standing majestically behind me. I gazed with wonder into the crowd 10,000 people strong, and saw what can only be described as looks of pure, magnificent bliss.

People of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life stood there together, appreciating one of the most special moments in this band’s career, and sharing in a communal feeling of euphoria and celebration. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life, and it’s certainly not uncommon to see a band feed off the audience’s enthusiasm. But that night at Red Rocks, there was just as much powerful energy coming from the band themselves; you could feel it radiating off the huge rock walls, and combining with the crowd to create one, brilliant feeling that we were all active participants in.

It was as if I could sense everyone else’s happiness and excitement directly in my own heart. Here I was, standing in the middle of Red Rocks, one of the most beautiful and iconic music venues ever created, surrounded by 10,000 other people who all shared a deep love for this music. We had this unique opportunity to experience seeing a band we love, playing their first headlining show at Red Rocks, to a sold out crowd of people. As seems to be happening so much recently, I looked around at the magnificent scene, and fascinated, thought back to watching Stick Figure play little shows by the beach in San Diego years ago. It’s surreal to witness musicians that you love and respect growing over the years, and then taking one of the biggest steps of their career right in front of you.

Just imagine the feeling for the band – looking up into an endless crowd, fluid neon lights on the rocks, moonlight piercing the cloudy sky above, and watching as 10,000 happy souls sing your songs back to you. It was the culmination of over a decade of hard work, coming together in one beautiful, electric evening.

In The Barrel Photo - Scott at Red Rocks

Red Rocks was everything I imagined it would be and more. It’s a magical place, where art and nature converge into a single, brilliant force. Every single band throughout the night left their hearts out there on that stage, and the energy flowing through those rocks was incredible.

The weekend was bigger than the show at Red Rocks, or any one event that took place. The intimate acoustic sets Thursday were breathtaking; the anticipation of seeing some of our favorite bands at such a remarkable venue filled every moment with excitement; the feeling of sharing our unique experiences with one another, and connecting on a deeper level brought us all closer; and it was only the combination and coming together of each of these incredible moments that led to the all-embracing magic that we became a part of.

There was nothing more meaningful to me than meeting so many happy, smiling, and infinitely kind people that I had the ultimate pleasure of sharing this weekend with. The support and love that radiates in the Stick Figure Family and this community is never something we should take for granted, as it’s an extraordinary thing.

I can’t describe with words how proud I am of everyone that came together to make this weekend happen…

Stick Figure, Pepper, Steel Pulse, The Movement, Iya Terra, Ineffable Music Group, and most importantly, everyone who came to share in the moment. Whether you played a large or small part in the weekend, you will forever be a part of this band’s history, and an important part of the whole that made it one for the books.

In the Barrel Photo - Scott and Kaleo at Red Rocks

As I sit at home in Minnesota now reflecting on the otherworldly experience I shared with all of you, I’m filled with joy thinking about how I’ll forever be able to look back on this special time, and know without a doubt that the memory will always bring a smile to my face.

Being a musician, it’s usually a goal of mine to create songs that I think will really resonate with people, and not just to share the emotions I feel, but also to help others feel and work through their own powerful emotions. Over the years, I’ve watched as Stick Figure’s music has spread around the world, touching one person at a time, and creating a whole that’s so much larger than the individual parts. And when you have a special moment like Red Rocks, you can look around, and find yourself surrounded by 10,000 other people who may have nothing else in common with you other than the fact that they too experienced the magic in this music, and even just that small common ground is a significant step toward a more beautiful world.

Stick Figure’s music has acted as an important soundtrack for so many of our lives, and it was profoundly touching speaking with so many of you who had special moments to share, not just about the music, but about moments where the band members had taken the time to sit and chat with you, or signed a record, or took a picture with you and your children. The reason that weekends like Red Rocks come together is that a lot of those little moments over time add up, and that’s how moments as incredible as those we witnessed become reality. I hope we can all take that away with us, and make the world a little better one moment at a time.

I thank you All for sharing in and being a part of this magical experience, and hope to share many more with you in the future.

All my Love,

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