Stick Figure Ends Successful Tour with Sold Out Show at Red Rocks

Stick Figure Live in Minneapolis

It’s difficult to put into words the energy that radiated through Denver last night as Stick Figure and The Movement rocked an incredible sold out show to kick off the Red Rocks weekend. The past couple weeks leading up to this moment have been incredible…

Just a week ago I was watching them in Minneapolis, and the excitement there was palpable. Even as the April blizzard tore through Minnesota, lines of people stretched around the block in both directions for the show.

I stood on the corner outside with my wife, smiling a proud smile as the happy concert-goers waited for the doors to open to see Stick Figure, The Movement, and The Elovaters. I wasn’t just smiling because I was so excited to see all these incredible bands in my new city; it was because I was witnessing firsthand as my friends made their dreams come true. The tour was a special one for Stick Figure, as it was leading directly up to their first time headlining a sold-out show at Red Rocks.

As I spoke with Stick Figure’s bassist Tommy after the show in Minneapolis, it all hit me. About nine years before that I was standing next to him in line at a taco shop in San Diego, and we were sharing a good laugh after they played a local show. Now, here we were thousands of miles away, and they were playing to a packed house of loyal fans singing along with every word. And that’s the way their shows are all over the country now!

In so many ways nothing has changed; Stick Figure is the same group of awesome dudes that I hung out and partied at the beach with in San Diego all those years ago. But in a few very significant and incredible ways, everything is completely different now. Just a week after Minneapolis they were going to be headlining Red Rocks, one of the most prestigious venues in the country, for the first time ever, to a sold-out audience!

You know, I can’t say it’s surprising seeing their massive success. Even back when they were just playing shows around San Diego, they already had loyal fans, and lines out the doors of small clubs. Scott Woodruff’s heart and soul is written masterfully into the unique music he creates, and the name “Stick Figure” is now synonymous around the world with exquisite melodies, hard-hitting beats, poetic lyrics, and gorgeously ambient dub reggae vibes that can mellow even the wildest storm.

And past the musical mastery of Stick Figure, they’re all genuinely nice people, who treat their fans and friends with a nearly unrivaled kindness and respect. It was only a matter of time before Stick Figure’s music made its way around the world, and deeply touched every person it came into contact with. So as I sat on my early flight to Denver yesterday morning, looking at the clouds below, more than excitement, more than happiness, more than any other emotion that I felt, I was feeling proud.

I’m proud as they keep growing, proud watching them make their dreams come true, and proud witnessing their music deeply touch so many people around the world. It’s thrilling to me seeing people I love and respect making their dreams realities, and almost nobody embodies that notion more than Stick Figure.

As they played their sold out show at Cervantes in Denver last night, I stood and looked around at the audience of unbelievably dedicated people here to support them, and all I could do was smile. People flew in from all over the country to see them headline Red Rocks on Saturday. One of the most incredible parts of this whole journey has been watching their fans turn into friends, and friends turn into family. The community of people whose souls their music has touched is one of the most inspiring, thoughtful, loving, caring, communities of people I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s with good reason that they call themselves the “Stick Figure Family”.

It felt like a family reunion last night, and I couldn’t stop smiling as I ran into person after person, many of whom I’ve only met online before, and had the pleasure of sharing some of the warmest, most caring embraces with them. It was seriously an honor getting to connect with so many of you – I can’t explain with words how much love I felt.

A sincere thank you to Stick Figure for your incredible music, good friendship, and endless inspiration over the years. You guys are the real deal, and nothing makes me prouder than seeing you make it happen this weekend at Red Rocks! To the first of many! I’m so excited to share this special weekend with so many incredible people.

Side Note: If you’ll be at the show tomorrow message me so we can meet up, and don’t be afraid to come up and say “Hey!” I’m normally terrible at spotting people, but I’d love to meet as many of you as possible!!!

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