Rebelution’s Lead Guitarist Kyle Ahern Drops New Single Featuring Eric Rachmany

Kyle Ahern Single

Before reading about Kyle’s amazing journey from small-town guitar player to touring with Rebelution, check out his new single featuring Eric Rachmany below!



Completely written, recorded, and self-produced by Kyle (Stick Figure style). Incredible right? Now, imagine getting a call from Rebelution and being asked to join the band on tour as guitarist…

That’s a call that most of us can only dream of, but for my friend (and insanely talented musician) Kyle Ahern, this came true just like something out of a movie. The story is as crazy as it sounds…

If you don’t know Kyle yet, Kyle is an absolutely unbelievable guitar player. He’d never describe himself that way because he’s so humble, but take my word for it. Years ago Kyle entered a Rebelution contest that he ended up winning, and his prize was a chance to jam with lead singer Eric Rachmany. When they met up they had a really incredible jam, and ended up staying in touch as friends after it took place. A little bit down the road, as Rebelution was looking for a new lead guitarist to take on tour, Eric reached out to Kyle and asked if he’d be interested in filling the spot.

Incredible, right? I stood next to Kyle in the midst of a big California Roots camp party the other year, celebrating with Rebelution after their headlining set, and listened intently as Kyle told me how it all went down. I was both blown away and filled with extreme happiness for my friend.
Kyle Ahern Shredding

But Kyle’s passion as a musician isn’t anything new… even before Kyle joined Rebelution he was making big waves on the scene with his previous band Sensamotion, and performing incredibly awesome song covers on social media. I believe the first cover that caught my attention was a cover he did of Stick Figure’s song “Breathe”. I saw the post shared by Stick Figure, and watched as Kyle painstakingly recreated the entire song on instruments in his home studio, and made a full video of him playing every instrument to go along with it.

I know firsthand how much work and talent goes into that, and I reached out to him shortly after and told him that I’d love to do an article for him on the Hill Kid blog someday. And then, just like that, the next thing I knew I was congratulating him backstage at a Rebelution show after he earned a spot on tour with them.

Since then it’s been incredible watching Kyle grow both onstage and off. He’s an awesomely talented musician and producer, and simply a great all-around person. Seeing him walk to the front of the stage in front of tens of thousands of people and shred on the guitar makes me believe that he was born to do exactly what he’s doing.

And today marks another awesome milestone in Kyle’s music career, as he drops a brand a new single for his solo project featuring none other than his bandmate Eric Rachmany of Rebelution. It’s an incredible upbeat reggae jam (with a title very fitting for his own story – “Good Will Come”), and has a ton of the brilliantly crafted guitar riffs we’re now so blessed to see at every Rebelution show.

Seeing Kyle’s musical talent go out into the world and inspire tens of thousands of people is an incredible feeling for me. Not just because of the sheer magnitude of what he’s accomplished, but simply because I love seeing amazing things happen to great people.

Kyle, you’re a musician that myself and many others look up to, a great friend, and someone who truly has the power to change lives through the music you create. It’s an honor watching you progress on your journey, and I look forward to seeing the awesome accomplishments that are yet to come!

Much love from Brendan and the Hill Kid fam, make sure to check out the new single and follow Kyle below!

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