Pepper’s Frontman Bret Bollinger Releases Debut EP with His Band The Bad Habits

Bret Bollinger Lo Fi

I’ve been listening to Pepper for well over a decade now… crazy to say that! Pepper, along with bands like Slightly Stoopid and Sublime, were the first ones of their style to really break through to me as a kid all the way over in New Hampshire.

I vividly remember sitting in my room in high school, still a terrible amateur guitar player, and trying to learn to play Tradewinds on my brother’s old Yamaha acoustic. They helped introduce me to a whole new style of music that I hardly even knew existed, and were such a big inspiration to me as an aspiring musician.

That’s why it’s always such a treat to see them still rocking huge tours across the country, and captivating fresh, new audiences at giant festivals. But more inspiring than that, is that in so many ways they’re just getting started.

You see, musicians tend to be incredible at exercising their creativity in lots of different ways, and of my favorite examples of this recently was seeing Pepper’s bass player Bret Bollinger putting out an EP called Lo-Fi, with his band Bret Bollinger & The Bad Habits. I’ve been jamming it a lot lately, and it’s so cool hearing a member of a band you love creating sounds that are familiar, yet uniquely fresh.

The album gives me so many of the feels I used to get when popping Sublime albums in while driving to school in New Hampshire as a kid; I’d be in the middle of a snowstorm over there in 10 degree weather, listening longingly as Bradley crooned away about the Socal lifestyle (no surprise I ended up living in Socal for 10 years). It makes me so happy seeing bands that created the launchpad for the entire reggae-rock scene continuously putting incredible stuff out there.

Anyways, hats off to Bret, his amazing band, and special guests Hirie and Dan Kelly on this one! Keep it up my friends!


Brendan and the Hill Kid Fam

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