New Through The Roots Song Feat. Eric from Rebelution

Through The Roots New Song Bear With Me Feat. Eric of Rebelution

Through The Roots’ new song ‘Bear With Me’ featuring Eric Rachmany of Rebelution is a high-energy shot of positivity to your brain. When this beat blasts through your headphones it says that Through the Roots is on their way to a new level. Inspirational, positive, emotional, and full of determination, this song is a magnificent light in the dark.

Working With Rebelution

Evan of Through The Roots with Eric of Rebelution

I looked proudly from the side of the smoke-filled stage last summer as Rebelution blasted their high-energy set to thousands and thousands of happy fans in the audience. For any of the very observant people out there, another musician stood with them each night and smiled quietly off to the side, filling Rebelution’s epic tones with another layer of beautiful electric guitar.

This person was Evan Hawkins, the lead singer from reggae rock band Through The Roots. The smile emanating from Evan as he stood up there and jammed with Rebelution was enough to illuminate that desire so many of us have to do great things in our lifetime. But that wasn’t all that Evan was smiling about–at the same time he was playing all those amazing concerts and festivals around the country with one of the biggest bands in the genre, he was simultaneously working with Eric to fuse together fantastic new music–music that wouldn’t be heard by the general public until now.

Good Vibes from Through The Roots

Through The Roots Reggae Rock Band

Grab this awesome song on iTunes, and experience the roller coaster ride of a jam as it lifts your spirit. Reggae rock is about letting music melt away any negative thoughts or vibrations in your life, and this is a perfect song to add to your mix of good vibes. The whole band is full of nice, supportive, talented and loving people, and ‘Bear With Me’ is proof of the good things coming.

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Through The Roots New Song Bear With Me Feat. Eric of Rebelution

For anyone that buys the song, let us know what you think here in our comments section, we’d love to hear. Congratulations to Through the Roots on the awesome new jam, the Chocolate and Roses tour they’re currently on with The Green, and for continuing to spread more great vibes out into the world. We’ll be blasting ‘Bear With Me’ here at Hill Kid headquarters!

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through the roots tour with the green

Brendan Clemente and the Hill Kid Crew


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