LP’s & Load-In’s: Summertime Plans with For Peace Band

Byline: Allie Adams, Photos: Michael Waldie

So if you haven’t already been blown away by Guamanian quartet For Peace Band, I highly recommend following them on Spotify, like, yesterday. Island roots with soulful vocals care of Freddy (he miraculously plays the drums while doing so?), their music is addicting and danceable. I caught up with the group after one of their shows as direct support for Arise Roots on the Nice and Slow tour and was able to find out about the Cali Roots experience as well as their new album, Always Love, slated to drop July 27. Listen to their single “Rarest Flower” here.

AA: Okay, soooo I’m here with For Peace Band and they played Discovery Ventura last night with Arise Roots and you guys have  just had a really busy month. Played a pop-up sesh at Cali Roots on Saturday plus the after party…right?

RJ: Yeah at Planet Gemini on Saturday night.

CS: We crushed Winston’s [in San Diego] the night before last at Club Kingston. Earlier this month we had a couple shows with Arise Roots plus a few headlining shows. We got San Francisco next week [if you’re reading this on the day of publication then that means TONIGHT!] at Neck of the Woods then we’re going to head north and cap off our tour with Arise Roots. It’s exciting.

AA: So about Cali Roots. How was the vibe?

JC: It was awesome! I got to see Chronixx… my dream came true [laughs]. Who else did we get to see? Raging Fyah, got to meet them, finally. I was starstruck; couldn’t speak, couldn’t move. Me and Danton snuck in their green room and–

DC: We were fangirling the whole time.

[all burst into laughter… common theme throughout this interview. Not mad about it.]

AA: Who did you guys play Planet Gemini with?

Everyone: Iya Terra!

AA: RIght. How was it coming back and playing together again after last fall’s tour with them and The Expanders?

JC: It’s natural, everytime we see them. We’ve played over 60 shows with those guys.

CS: We’re family. Everytime we come through we stay at Nick Loporchio’s house and get our rehearsal on… so, ~vibes~ with Iya Terra and For Peace Band. Those are our brothers.

AA: You have new music coming out. You’re dropping a new album next month. Tell me the things.

Chris: This is our third album, second full-length installment entitled “Always Love”. It comes out July 27 and will be released through Rootfire. Big up thank you to Ineffable Music Group for helping us out. To Steve Donovan, for making this a reality for us. And the boys for putting in the hard work. We recorded the drums in Hawai’i at Sea Major Seven studios and the rest was tracked in RJ’s studio back home in Sinajana, Guam. We have three singles set to release before the album drops; “Rarest Flower” is out right now and the album is available for pre-order. You can ask the boys about the music.

AA: Yeah. What drove this record?

FB: We’ve been playing the songs from the Always Love album for a very long time, about 3.5 years since we began touring the US. So it’s nice to finally release it all. It’s nothing too new, people will be familiar with a lot of the songs on the album like “Chatty Mouth”, “Chance to Grow”, “Love #42”.

AA: Are there any guest appearances?

FB: Yeah, we have a song called “Revival” that will be featuring Star from The Steppas and another song “Judgement Day” featuring Nathan from Iya Terra. It should be really cool.

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