New Single From KBong, and What Makes Him An Amazing Musician


Photos: Snappin Necks Photography – Thanks Carly! :)

Last year I stood off to the side of the stage at the California Roots Festival, and watched as Stick Figure made more than 10,000 people go absolutely insane with joy. You could feel the energy there as the music pulsed through every single one of us, and brought us all the feeling that we were part of a bigger whole.

Kevin Bong aka KBong Picture by Snappin Necks Photography

A few minutes after Stick’s set I saw KBong walking by with his signature grin – a grin we all know can brighten anyone’s day – and walked up to congratulate him on the epic set he’d just had.

“Dude. The energy there was unreal – I can’t even describe it, but I think Stick Figure just hit a new level!” I told him.

Kevin’s reaction? He gave me a hand slap, a big hug, and a huge smile. “Thanks for supporting man,” he said happily.

I’ve known Kevin for a few years or so now. I first met him in the local San Diego music scene, and watched as he played small bar shows with other musicians. His musical talent has always been phenomenal, but that’s not the most special thing about him.

Every time he’s ever stepped on stage, whether it was for two people or two hundred people, he looked exactly how he does now that Stick Figure is playing sold out festivals and amphitheaters around the world. A lot has changed since the early days, but he’s the same kind, humble, friendly guy he’s always been.

Kevin Bong aka KBong with Johnny Cosmic Picture 3 by Snappin Necks Photography

And this brings us to KBong’s new album, which is slated for release this year. The album is about all the change that’s happened, and moving on to the next chapter in life. In the midst of all the success, thousands of miles on the road, and happy musical moments, on top of everything else he’s found himself in love. Reflecting on all the beautiful changes in life, he’s translating those into the musical poetry he writes so well.

This change, the natural ebb and flow of life, is what inspired the album. It’s something we can all relate to. Sometimes the road is long and slow, other times, blink an eye and you’ll miss the best part. Either way, it’s important to take it all in and stay present, and to me, KBong is writing the soundtrack for riding that beautiful wave.

His first single “Good Lovin” was just released, and it already sounds like the soundtrack to summer. The seeds of the song were planted during a freestyle jam backstage in LA with his friend Brendan Dane (Alific), and lots of the recording was done while Stick Figure was in Tahiti and on the road.

I’m completely honored to call Kevin a friend, and couldn’t think of anyone more deserving for all the success they’ve found. KBong, on behalf of myself and all your amazing friends and fans, thank you for putting so much good into the world, and helping provide a beautiful soundtrack to life. See you in a couple weeks at Cali Roots my friend!

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