Kash’d Out Pays it Forward with “Give Back”


Article, Interview, Photos by Allie Adams

Our favorite Floridians are back on the west coast and they brought new music with them. While supporting KBong on his Easy to Love You tour through California, Kash’d Out quietly dropped the twinkly “Give Back” last Friday. A synth-ey, on-repeat-forever kinda jam, “Give Back” is a proclamation of gratitude, a love song to their fans & friends, and a gentle reminder that ‘a little kindness and some healing can make an impact’. Watch the just-released (seriously, it was like 20 minutes ago) video produced by Second Mile Media and soak in the warm fuzzies…



AA: We are stoked to have you guys on the west coast. The last time we talked you guys weren’t sure when you’d be back and here you are, in my living room, a day after I discovered you were even in California. Talk to me about your journey here.

GS: Well, we deadheaded from Florida to San Diego. That’s a lie, we went to…

JH: Ventura

GS: Yeah, Ventura. We did some recording for our new album at Pepper’s studio in Redondo Beach, Kona Town Recordings. Then we started the KBong tour in San Diego.

AA: You guys played 710 [710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach], right?

GS: Yeah and it was sold out!

NG: Both times we’ve played San Diego they’ve been sold out shows. It’s epic.

JB: It’s so great to be out here and it’s great to see our fans grow, as well as see the KBong fans come out.

AA: San Diegans love their reggae, especially KBong. What new music have you added this run?

JH: We have a new song called… What did we say it was called?

GS: “Give Back”

JH: Right, it’s called “Give Back” and it is coming out…

GS: Friday.

JH: It’s coming out Friday, I just learned.

[This interview was conducted prior to release, and is now available here]

AA: What inspired you guys to write this song?

JH: It’s about gratitude. We’re really grateful for being able to come out here and stay with you, for example, and for all the friends we’ve made all over the country. People have really taken us in, be it the other bands or fans of the genre and been great to us. We’re just super thankful for it.

AA: Could the idea of gratitude be considered part of Kash’d Out’s “mission statement” or guiding principles?

All in unison: Definitely!

JB: I like you saying ‘mission statement’, that’s really strong and awesome to hear. I think it’s within all of us, beyond and before the band. We didn’t have to be told to be nice to each other, or considerate. We naturally have this love between us and the reggae has fostered that even more. All this love is constantly returned to us, it’s like a big family and it’s a blessing to be part of it.

AA: Your vibe in real life mirrors your music in the most authentic way, I think that’s why fans have taken you in so readily. You’re just humble and happy.

I’ll never forget those sandwich boards at Dry Diggings–”Ask me about Kash’d Out”.

You guys talked to everyone who would listen with the biggest smiles. That’s literally why we’re here today. The passion you guys have is so special and infectious.

GS: We truly want to meet everyone and we won’t ever stop holding up signs at festivals.

AA: What festivals/shows do you guys have after this KBong tour?

GS: We’re touring with Sun Dried Vibes.

AA: Have you played with them before, or do you know them at all?

NG: Yeah, they’re really cool guys. It’s funny because I grew up in South Carolina, in the Myrtle Beach area, and they’re from a town close. I remember when I first got into the reggae scene I saw them hustling outside the House of Blues. It’s cool our paths are crossing now, down the road.

AA: I love that about reggae. It’s small and it’s entirely possible to end up opening for a band you’ve idolized.

GS: That’s pretty much every band we’ve played with.

AA: How rewarding is that for you?

JB: It’s mind-melting. It’s surreal. Standing side stage and being like, “Wow, I get to watch all my favorite bass players play the bass lines I like, and see the technique in person”

AA: Is that what “Give Back” is about for you [motions to Joey]?

JB: I didn’t write it those lyrics, but yeah! Let’s say yes.

GS: You’ll dance to them though [laughter ensues]

NG: It’s about not losing sight of being grateful for every opportunity that comes along, because it’s easy to do sometimes. On the flipside, when you see the love from the fans, it’s hard to not be reminded of how lucky we are.

GS: There’s a line in ‘Give Back’ that says,“I’ve only got what I was given so I’m going to give back”, and when I look around at our situation … I mean, we’re on the other side of the country right now playing music. We work hard for it, but there’s so many people that help us and a lot of people that have our backs.

JB: I count myself lucky all the time. How did I do this? You never make a single decision and expect all these different results. Especially not to eat the best tacos in the country [Don Paco if you’re wondering].

I never thought, “Oh yeah, play bass. You’ll get to eat the best tacos EVER”.

GS: It’s the little things.

*Find “Give Back” on all digital outlets HERE


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