Iya Terra’s New Song With Stick Figure

Iya Terra Sacred Sound Album Cover

When Iya Terra reached out to ask if I’d do a blog post about their new album, I couldn’t help but be excited at the chance to listen to new tracks from one of the fastest rising bands in reggae-rock. With their full-length album Sacred Sound being released Friday and a huge tour with Fortunate Youth around the corner, it’s amazing catching the buzz that’s all over the community.

I was especially stoked to hear the song they did with Stick Figure. Stick Figure has deservedly risen to the top of the reggae-rock world in recent years, and has some of the most passionate fans around (I know – I’m one of them). I was curious about the behind-the-scenes of their collaboration – what was it like working with Stick Figure – how did the collaboration begin?

I had the great pleasure of chatting with Iya Terra’s singer and guitarist Nathan Feinstein about it. From the story about first meeting Scott to the beautiful song that came out, I hope you enjoy hearing how it all went down.

How the Collaboration with Stick Figure Happened

When I asked Nate how the collab came about, he laughed and said it was a funny story. He had seen Scott Woodruff (the founder of Stick Figure) at a show a while ago. He seized the opportunity to do a shot of tequila with him and chat for a bit, telling him who he was and how much he loved his music.

Months later, as Iya Terra began putting together the magic that would soon become their new album, Nate had a dream one night that Stick Figure guested on a song. He hardly knew Scott, but when he woke up he felt like he had to at least try and make it happen.

He sent a message to Scott asking if he’d be interested. He was pretty nervous when he sent the message and figured they wouldn’t get any reply at all.

“What were the chances Scott would even remember us? I mean, the guy is one of the biggest artists and producers in reggae-rock, plays tons of shows, and meets tons of people. I felt like there was no chance Stick Figure would actually end up on our album.”

After a few days with no reply Iya Terra assumed it wouldn’t happen. Scott was probably insanely busy, and just didn’t have time between tour and everything else going on. Later, while tracking in the studio, all of a sudden a message came through. It was Scott. Turns out Scott not only remembered them, but was a big fan of Iya Terra.

He asked that they shoot over the track they wanted to feature him on.

“We had a huge celebration in the studio that day – it was literally a dream come true. It was hard to believe we might be working with one of our favorite artists,” said Nate.

What It Was Like Working With Scott from Stick Figure

They had a particular song in mind for the guest spot, as it had been largely influenced by the “Stick Figure sound”, but figured they’d send a few tracks over and let Scott decide what he wanted to do. They were still nervous Scott might not like any of the tracks.

When Scott messaged them back it was reason for another celebration. He told them he loved the song, and had some ideas he wanted to chat about.

For those of you who don’t know Scott, this is a great example of how humble and down to earth he is. He’s a genuinely kind guy – not only did he remember meeting Nate and like their band, he was really excited about the chance of working with the guys.

Just when Iya Terra thought it couldn’t get any cooler, they were back and forth with Scott on the phone for days, bouncing ideas off each other and talking about the direction of the song. When one of the best-known artists on the scene agrees to guest on a track, and then goes above and beyond and turns it into a full-blown collaboration, it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Sacred Sound Album Release This Week

The song they did with Stick Figure is called “Give Thanks”. It has that beautiful and familiar Stick Figure sound, with an Iya Terra twist. I’m honored to have had the chance to listen to the whole album (pre order now!), and it’s a powerhouse from beginning to end.

Much love from the Hill Kid family to Iya Terra, Stick Figure, EN Young, and all the other amazing artists that contributed to this masterpiece. If I were you, I’d pre order your copy now so as soon as it’s released this week you have that fire ready to listen to!

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