Iya Terra Joins Ineffable Music Group

Iya Terra

Today Ineffable Music Group welcomed its newest band to the family, Iya Terra. This completely made my weekend. Earlier this year I wrote about Iya Terra’s experience collaborating with Stick Figure for their new album, and just a short while later they’re now under the same artist management company, along with Amp Live, Collie Buddz, New Kingston, KBong, Unified Highway, The Movement, and many more – what an insanely awesome lineup, right?

Ineffable Music Group

Although “full-service artist management company” is the technical description of Ineffable Music Group, I don’t think this really does it justice. These guys, in conjunction with Rootfire Cooperative, are basically helping amazingly talented artists on their respective musical journeys and getting their music to as many people as possible. From ethical micro loans to guidance, support, and even friendship, we need to call Ineffable Music Group what it really is:

A wonderful family of people who care about each other and help one another succeed. This is what the music community needs more of – people who care, and aren’t just out there to make a quick buck, but who are looking to make a real difference.

I’m excited for Iya Terra’s future – you better believe they’ve worked their asses off for everything they’ve achieved, and Iook forward to watching them continue to grow.

Much love to Iya Terra, Ineffable, and everyone else from all of us here at Hill Kid! Drop by Iya Terra’s Facebook page and give them a “Hell yeah!”

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