Iya Terra Drops New Single and Video Featuring Jesse Royal

Iya Terra Marching On


Before you read any further about why I absolutely love and am inspired by Iya Terra, check out their new video featuring Jamaican superstar Jesse Royal below!

Amazing, right? (How about that Stick Figure cameo in the music video?) :)

But it wasn’t always like that. Do you know where Iya Terra was five years ago? They were playing their first show ever on Halloween night, and the thought of jamming stages like Red Rocks was just a distant dream.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written before, you probably know that seeing bands make their dreams come true is one of my favorite things in the world, and I can’t think of many bands that exemplify this better than Iya Terra.

I remember talking to their manager Ben Brinkley at a show a long time ago, and he was telling me how hard they were grinding, how long it takes to build something really great, and how you have to put aside your fears and doubts and just keep moving forward.

Clearly him and the band all live by this advice, as they’ve managed to shine their music like a beautiful light of positive vibrations to a passionate and ever-growing fan base. It’s an exciting time for them, and I couldn’t be more proud or stoked to see them having the impact on the world they’ve always strived for.

Just look at the week they recently had… they announced a show at Red Rocks on 4/20 next year opening for Stick Figure, another performance at the world-famous California Roots Music and Arts Festival, a headlining tour with the fast-rising band Dubbest starting the 3rd of November, and on top of all that, recently released their most successful single to-date (“Stars”), and just dropped a single with an internationally acclaimed reggae artist.

But it’s not just the amazing accomplishments that I love about these guys, it’s the people they are day in and day out. Since setting up my own home studio and learning to record music, I can’t tell you how kind multiple members of the band have been whenever I’m looking for advice or encouragement.  They’re genuinely good people, and that comes through in every single thing they do. It takes nothing further than witnessing their passion, energy, and happiness on stage to see the awesome souls they truly are.

I can’t really explain in words how much seeing these guys follow their dreams fills my heart. Iya Terra is a beacon of positivity and love,and it’s incredible watching them spread that message to the world and knowing it’s still the very beginning of their incredible journey. I’ll see you at their Red Rocks show next April, and again when they’re back there to headline, which I’m sure will be sooner rather than later :)

Make sure to catch them on their current Stars tour with Dubbest, and catch their new jams below!

“Marching On” featuring Jesse Royal

Listen Now Spotify- hyperurl.co/lxk19n
Itunes- hyperurl.co/t18d7h

Follow Iya Terra on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iyaterra/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/iyaterrar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iyaterramusic
Official Website: https://iyaterra.com
Video By: Spencer Groshong
Produced By: Iya Terra
Mixed & Mastered By: Gary (Big G) Larason

Much love from Brendan and the Hill Kid fam! Stay awesome!

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