Hill Kid Up and Coming Episode 1: Build A Machine

Build A Machine The Desert Sessions EP

The beautiful psychedelic vibe, one that strikes slowly and peacefully, creeps up on you like a mesmerizing wave of love in Build A Machine’s brand new music video. Their video is on The Pier right now, their brand new EP dropped on Tuesday, they were just featured in OC Weekly, and they’ve already earned stripes as Angelo Moore’s backing band on Warped Tour–so where did these guys come from again?

We Come from the Land of the Ice and Snow

Build A Machine Band

Build A Machine is from my neck of the woods, toward the cold and currently frozen northeast–Boston to be exact. When I wanted to find a band, I left there and moved to California. These guys already had a band, and decided it was time to take it to the reggae-rock mecca of Socal. It’s tough not to imagine palm trees, serene deserts, and the lure of the Pacific ocean when you’re holed away in a basement for 8 months out of the year practicing music. But I’ll tell you–those 8 months with no distractions make for wonderful musical discoveries, and I’m glad these ones found their way onto my radar.

The marriage of east and west coast tones brings a uniquely epic vibe to the music. Maybe I’m biased being from there, but I can feel it when I listen. I know the story–how reggae, rock, and every other genre found their way into these guys’ hearts. And even though their music is of a different sort, it still feels like they caught the same vibe–vibes that Sublime long ago brought to life and spun to generations.


Build A Machine came to California to let their music shine, and they did it the right way. The best way to really get into the vibe in California is to stick yourself in the middle of a desert and write new music. No distractions, no routines, just 3 musicians and pure soul. This is how their new EP happened, and there’s something awesome to be said about music recorded this way.

Their new video, also filmed while they scorched under the hot desert sun, is a super fun psychedelic journey. As images melt and fold into each other like a slow burning fire on the screen, the music pulses perfectly into fractal scenes of the desert. Bringing my mind into a nearly hypnotic state, I watched as colors bent the silhouettes and 3 musicians sent their vibes into out into the lonely and beautiful heart of Joshua Tree. *Epic*

They literally moved from Boston to Joshua Tree to write and record this new EP, and while there they filmed a music video. Oh yeah, and they filmed the video entirely with cell phones–yes, cell phones.

Music Is Universal

It’s amazing being a writer here for Hill Kid where I have the opportunity to hear new music and and meet upcoming bands. People from all over the world have been touched by music deep in their souls, and bands work hard to spend every waking second of their lives bringing that music to reality. Longing to be heard, desiring to spread a message, and pouring their hearts into it.

There’s not much I love more than seeing music cross imaginary state lines, travel across the deepest oceans and unite the world as we know it. No matter where it’s from, you know when it has soul. Music can get you through bad days, enhance great times and leave a positive spring of life in your mind. After all, isn’t that what it’s for–isn’t that what we’re for?

Thank you Build A Machine for sharing your music with us, and for helping us spread the Hill Kid vibes far and wide!

May the vibes be with you–

Brendan Clemente, Marley D, Braelyn D, DJ Mackle and the rest of the Hill Kid Fam ^


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