Hill Kid Receives Congratulatory Letter from San Diego Mayor

Letter to Hill Kid from San Diego Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer

First off, a warm, gratuitous and heartfelt “Thank You” to the fine city of San Diego and its Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, for issuing Hill Kid this great honor in being part of the community.

This past summer here at Hill Kid HQ in San Diego, we made the awesome decision to support one of the oldest and most cherished traditions in town. Known as “Over The Line” (OTL), this unique tournament boasts San Diego’s beautiful heart and soul; a love for sports, sparkling sandy beaches, and relaxing with friends while enjoying tasty beers and food. Our passion for what we call “Active Art”, combined with learning of a place where sports and partying converge onto the same playing field in a massive celebration, led us down a road we’re happy we followed.

Hill Kid Over The Line San Diego Gear

This historic San Diego spectacle is something that needs to be experienced firsthand…

We had a really awesome feeling about the event (20,000+ happy people and a coveted local tradition generally don’t guide you wrong), so we involved ourselves and sponsored a team after being approached by long-time tournament legend Steve Tarantino. [One of life’s finer points is that as we make seemingly small decisions like this, we never know where the good vibes will take us or what blessings will be brought to our lives as a result.]

Well, turns out we chose wisely in supporting a team led by Steve, an avid Rebelution supporter and strongly community-oriented guy who has been playing the tournament for years.

“It’s impossible to express how Rebelution impacts our lives…” said Team Hill Kid Captain Steve Tarantino.

Team Hill Kid Wins OTL Divison

To stand there drenched in sunlight, surrounded by blue water, smile wider than the horizon itself… this is a place to experience the truest of good times and happiness. Our toes shuffled through the warm sand and excitedly watched the insanity of team uniforms and victory celebrations unfold like a thousand random acts of fun before our eyes. This absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring madness takes place every summer, and was established over 60 years ago by the Old Mission Beach Athletic Association.

After team Hill Kid officially won their division in the tournament this year, one of our congratulatory blog posts on the event was shared with the Mayor of San Diego himself, and shortly after we received this ultimate honor from the city.

Hill Kid Ambassadors

Our team of Hill Kid Ambassadors make this sort of positivity a part of communities around the world. Community is an important aspect of everything we do, and we couldn’t be happier to be welcomed in so vibrantly in San Diego. Thank you for bestowing this honor upon us, and thank you to all our supporters and ambassadors who make this possible!

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