Hill Kid Photo Shoot with Hirie and Through The Roots

hill kid flag at sunset cliffs san diego

Setting: Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach San Diego

The tall dusty cliffs overlooking the ocean stood majestically under us as our Wednesday afternoon in San Diego brought yet another gorgeous and peaceful adventure. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when a sunny San Diego weekday turns into a photo shoot with Hirie (Trish) and Evan from Through the Roots.


hirie and through the roots hill kid photo shoot at sunset cliffs in san diegoHirie and Evan from Through the Roots at Sunset Cliffs San Diego

After grabbing some coffees we made our way down the sunset cliffs section of Ocean Beach and began wandering through the State Park, with the goal of capturing Hill Kid’s true essence using photography.

It’s always an adventure with Hill Kid; whether running around Rebelution shows and celebrating life, or climbing steep cliffs in the afternoon sun and hanging out with two phenomenally talented musicians and a photographer as we try and capture love and natural beauty to share with the world.


Scaling the Cliffs and a Private Acoustic Show with Hirie

Deep ravines carved into the old rocks forced us into adventuring down some pretty steep and narrow trails – one wrong step and you’d find yourself tumbling a long way down. I tried to keep thoughts of falling to an untimely death in the back of my mind and followed the amazing artists as me made our way toward the best shot locations.


Hirie is a particularly athletic person and flawlessly navigated the crumbling cliffs with her beautiful daughter riding on her shoulders. One of our original Hill Kid mascots, “Lady Bird”, Hill Kid co-founder Braelyn’s dog, led the way around from shot to shot, taking refuge from the warm summer sun under old plants tucked into the hillside. She was a bit more adventurous than most of us, seemingly finding no apprehension about walking the steep cliffs as close as possible to the edge without going right over.

Hirie and Evan from Through the Roots at Sunset Cliffs San Diego

It was awesome seeing Evan and Hirie sit there next to each other on the cliffs and look out at the vast expanse of ocean that lay beyond us. Meadow Rose, one of our favorite photographer’s at Hill Kid, seamlessly captured the natural and heady vibes of the day in her unique lens and photographed all the beauty so we could later share it with the world.

Getting down to the water was perhaps the most exciting part of all, climbing down near vertical cliffs with the help of an old rope someone had long ago tied to one of the rocks. I held Evan’s beautiful Taylor guitar and found myself in charge of not letting the gorgeously crafted wood get dinged up on the rocks that surrounded us. The reward we found was the dropping afternoon sun dancing off the waves and the smell of the salty sea-air – truly an amazing place and vibe.

At one point Hirie sat down and picked up a guitar, singing one of the new songs from her album and serenading us into a serene peace of mind. There’s something calming and humbling about an amazingly talented artist who travels the world playing for thousands of fans, just sitting there next to you on the beach and letting her tunes kiss the sky.

Hirie and her daughter playing music at sunset cliffs san diego

It was also awesome watching Hirie and Evan run through the afternoon waves splashing water on each other; the whole shoot had this fun vibe behind it. Our feet touching the warm sand, the waves breaking a few feet away and the fading sun over the horizon really felt wonderful.

Braelyn, Hill Kid Co Founder, and Lady Bird at Sunset Cliffs San Diegoshop-slide5

It’s afternoons like this that really stand out to me; looking out into the Pacific from high up on that cliff, we were all reminded how calming it can be to connect with nature in the light of good company.


Some weeks after this we continued these vibes right where we left off as the Hirie music video sponsored by Hill Kid gathered for filming. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces lit up the day around us and again brought only the best vibes. The exceptionally talented director Garret Laver (you can view his work with Stick Figure and Stage Media) led us down through the shoot as we laughed and smiled around a glowing saxophone solo–epic moments were definitely captured! Check out the vid HERE.


I’m truly blessed to live such a fun and amazing life. I hope you all find the sun shining down brightly upon you and take time to appreciate the brilliance of nature, art and love on the daily no matter where you are!

Brendan Clemente and The Hill Kid Fam

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