Hill Kid: 3 Ways New Kingston Spreads Good Vibes and Why It’s Worth It to Buy Their New Album

New Kingston Band Album Cover-- Kingston City

New Kingston is one of the most fun and talented reggae rock bands I’ve ever seen…

From the very first time I witnessed them playing as Collie Buddz’s backing band on tour with Rebelution a couple summers ago, I sensed a deep and passionate talent working within this family of phenomenal musicians, and it wasn’t hard to see that they’d be huge someday.

Most posts and articles you’ll read on New Kingston this week will be about their new album released today; album reviews, favorite songs, the making of the album–but there’s enough of that out there already.

Here at Hill Kid, our main goal is to spread good vibes with everything we do, and we wanted to let you know why it’s worth it to buy this album. I tried to write something that really gets to the core of this band, and asked them to give me 3 ways they use to spread good vibes to the world.

This post reveals to you the 3 ways these guys work every single day to spread good vibes wherever they go. When you buy New Kingston’s brand new album ‘Kingston City’, you are directly infusing your life with all the positivity and love that these wonderful people put into the world. Here are the three things they told me they use most often to help spread the good vibes, enjoy!

3 Ways New Kingston Spreads Good Vibes

1. Energy and Passion

It’s important to us that we really love what we’re doing. When you love what you’re doing, it’s easy to put an energy into it that is truly original and comes from the core of your own soul. We live our lives this way, and put everything we have into each album, live show, and every single interaction with a friend, fan, or even a stranger–when we start with this energy, we are able to pass it on to whoever is willing to accept it.

The genuine smiles that radiate from the stage every single time New Kingston plays reflect just how happy and excited they are to be doing what they love. These good vibes translate directly into the power and energy of the music they record, and this beautiful positivity is passed on right to you.

Putting this sort of passion into everything you do is one of the most important things in life. The intention and energy that goes into any project big or small makes all the difference in the world, and putting your heart and soul into everything you do will drastically improve your own life.

2. Beyond the Performance

New Kingston with Marley from Rebelution-- Hill Kid

We’re not just performers–I mean, that is part of our job–but we’re up there to make a connection. Whether we’re playing for two people or ten thousand people, the goal is the same. We’re to inspire people, and show them how wonderful it is to live with a positive attitude. Every bit of music we play is intentionally focused on providing people with an awesome experience and the wisdom to live a conscious life.

More than just performers or musicians, New Kingston aims to make a connection. We all know how amazing it feels to experience a connection with a musician or band that truly inspires us, and New Kingston sets this vibe with everything they do.

Connecting positively with others and spreading messages into the world that will help people is a truly admirable trait. I challenge you to try and connect positively with everyone you see today–whether they’re friends or strangers, kind or rude–stay positive and make sure your side of every interaction comes from this light.

3. It’s All In the Music

We take our time to write good music that spreads good vibes into the world. Each song means something to us and has a purpose, and we want our music to really help people.

New Kingston doesn’t just release whatever music they feel like making at the moment; they make sure that each and every song they write has a purpose and meaning, and that it will help people discover the good vibes in every situation.

It’s unbelievable how many different levels music can help you on. From getting through rough times, or moving forward and being inspired, to plain old good vibrations you can share with friends on a happy day–it’s in the honest spirit of spreading good vibes that New Kingston works to get a positive message of love out there, and inspire everyone who listens to be the best person they can be. Their music is progressive, fun, and enthusiastically spread over the course of quite a few genres, but that original reggae vibe and intention soars loudly over every sound wave they create.

New Beginnings

Seeing bands like New Kingston grow and prosper is truly music to my ears. You see, the good vibes are always available around us, but it’s up to us to be aware of them.

Listening to New Kingston helps you connect with that which is important in life, and their music stirs the classic reggae message of positivity, love and inspiration inside all of us. I hope that you make the decision to live with love, and a beautiful way to begin is listening to the stellar music that New Kingston is releasing for the world to hear.

Buy New Kingston’s Album Now

Much love to our friends in New Kingston, may this year be a positive, happy, uplifting masterpiece for the books!

Marley D, Braelyn, DJ Mackle, Brendan and the rest of the Hill Kid Fam


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