Early Days of Coast-to-Coast ‘None Escape the Law’ Journey with Kash’d Out


Chance Rajkowski/Second Mile Media

Byline: Allie Adams

Our favorite easy-listening (that’s most certainly not their genre of tunes, but it sure does suit them) dudes from Florida have recently embarked on their first national co-headling circuit alongside Tunnel Vision with support from Seranation for the comically-titled None Escape the Law tour. Their shift from opening act to headliner was a swift one, and while they still have a long way to go before playing The Bowl at Cali Roots, this change bridges the gap between “East coast band I’ve maybe heard of, but definitely never listened to” and “Omg, YES I have The Hookup looped on Spotify and my favorite song is ‘Fireproof‘!”

AA: So where are you guys at right now?
JH: Probably like northern-ish Texas, en route to Vegas.
AA: So the middle of nowhere then. And how has the None Escape the Law tour been so far?
GS: Great.
JH: Yeah it’s been really good. We’ve had a lot of fun with Tunnel Vision and Seranation and they’re both so awesome. It’s been a blast for sure.
AA: Did you guy all know each other at the beginning of this whole thing?

Chance Rajkowski/Second Mile Media
Chance Rajkowski/Second Mile Media

JH: We already knew Seranation and we knew OF Tunnel Vision, but had just met them once in California when we played a show together.
AA: What has been the most packed or lit venue so far? Either energy level or actual number of people?
JH: Probably Houston or San Antonio, but we also started out the tour at Reggae Rise Up in Florida and that show was amazing. It was right on the water at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg and we had the dopest view.
GS: Yeah it was a great way to kick things off, we had a lot of support out there.
JH: I think San Antonio stands out to me just because the energy was so high.
AA: Have you guys had anyone paint with you during your set yet? Or will you?
GS: It just happened in Dallas.
JH: Yeah it was great, her name is Gina.
AA: Nice! Live painting is the best. It adds another layer to the show and collaboration is cool.

Chance Rajkowski/Second Mile Media
Chance Rajkowski/Second Mile Media

GS: It always blows my mind how they can whip that up in the length of a bands set.
AA: I know! Having to create new ideas on the fly is so difficult. I probably couldn’t finish one painting in a month.
GS: I can barely paint by numbers so … [all explode into fits of laughter] AA: Ok, on that note I super duper enjoy your social media you guys are hilarious especially Greg and Joey. Jackson, who is funnier?
GS: [whispers] Joey
JH: I think Joey, and Nick is right up there with him. But Joey definitely provides us endless entertainment.
AA : Ok last thing… what new music have you added in?
JH: We put together a new set for this tour and part of that set is “On and Off”, the song we released in January. It’s been really fun to play it and incorporate new stuff. And people seem to already know it, so that’s awesome to see.
GS: The transitions that we added to our set are fun and they’re new for us so we’re groovin’ on that. We always had an hour long set before, but you don’t really get to use it that often. This time we get to play a little longer and finish our set and not feel rushed.
AA: That’s awesome and a huge deal! I”m happy for you guys.

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