E.N Young Hill Kid Exclusive — Life

E.N Young Playing Live -- Photo By: Josue Rivas Photography

E.N Young Hill Kid Exclusive — Life. Transcribed by Brendan Clemente

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E.N Young is one of the most calm, inspiring, nice and humble people I have ever met. Just speaking with him unfolds your mind into a serene state of peaceful tranquility. As I sat outside and spoke to E.N over the phone on a beautiful summer day, his smile radiated directly through the line. On tour with Tribal Seeds, vegan smoothies, recording other artists in his own studio, new solo albums… we covered a ton of great things happening in his life at the moment.

Although this falls in line with a regular interview, I wanted it to be something different; something special. Instead of presenting our conversation in classic “interview format”, I chose to try something new, and I let our conversation direct my flow of writing. Please let me know what you think in the comments section.

I wrote the following after this inspiring conversation with E.N Young. These are all his thoughts and sentiments, transcribed into writing. I’ll let E.N speak from here.


It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been positive… that’s an important thing to remember. -E.N Young

“Music is life. Life is music.

When I wake up each morning, whether on the long tour road with Tribal Seeds, experiencing a meditative listening session in my home studio, or letting my inspiration guide me to create new songs and rhythms, music is everything.

It’s what drives me. It’s my creative outlet. It’s the language of the sun, the moon, the stars and the entire universe, speaking vibrations through melodies and harmonies that resonate in our souls. From dusk to dawn, day to year, here to there, music permeates my entire being.

Spreading the Love — On Tour with Tribal Seeds

“The sound of Tribal Seeds playing live–their broad, expansive musical palettes busy sending a diverse melody of sounds and rhythms through the air, forces ancient energies into action, and pours with infinite knowledge and presence the rains of happiness upon their listener’s ears–their music is the very sound of love.”-Hill Kid blogger, Brendan Clemente

E.N Young Live with Tribal Seeds
Photo By: Kirsten Smith Photography — http://www.kirstensmithphotography.com/

Home is waking up to the light of the fresh California sun, but the nature of my job is to spread music around the world, and much of the year musical travels consume me; through the boiling dry deserts of Arizona, blizzards in Colorado, the cold, rocky coastline of the northeast–when I’m on tour with Tribal Seeds, it’s waking up and feeling the vibrations of new cities, states and towns each day.

It’s such an unbelievable blessing to be a part of Tribal Seeds. These musicians are some of the friendliest, kindest, down-to-earth, most talented people I have ever met, and I get to share the joys of creating and spreading music by their side. They’re such an important part of my musical career and my life, I just can’t say enough how appreciative I am to be a part of a band and movement like this.

Road Family

One of the most important parts of being on tour for me is family… tour family. It’s impossible to feel lonely or isolated on the road when you’re with your family day in and day out. That’s what the other musicians on tour are to me, they’re family. Every musician in Tribal Seeds, every musician in the bands we’re touring with… we’re all there to support each other. Our job isn’t just to share music with people–it’s to support each other. My brothers and sisters of the road, we don’t let each other get down. There’s always a smiling face to bring you back up, or help you remember how amazing life is. When you surround yourself with positive people, you really find that your life becomes permeated with positive events… that’s an important truth.

Being on the road with Tribal Seeds is one of the greatest pleasures of my life, and I extend gratefulness with every ounce of my being knowing that I am a part of and able to help spread this vibe.

Fans — Our Everything

E.N Young Live In Concert with Fans -- Photo By: Kirsten Smith Photography
Photo By: Kirsten Smith Photography — http://www.kirstensmithphotography.com/

There’s nothing like playing a live show for your fans–nothing. It’s a feeling so pure and joyful that it’s really indescribable. Standing on stage each night under the heavy bright lights, staring out at all these people, all brought here by the same passion for music… it’s amazing.

It’s really a gift and blessing to have this opportunity. We wake up with the mission of spreading music, and this music that we started back in San Diego has found its way out all over the country and the world, bringing everyone together in one place to celebrate life. We’re all here living consciously and sharing the same feeling, and it means the world to us to share that through music. When I’m on stage, it’s a chance to project all of the positive energy of my being into the hearts of everyone in the room, and leave every ounce of passion and love in what I do.

These people listen to our songs, are affected by our songs, are healed by our songs… and we get the chance to meet them and experience the truest personal interaction–we get the chance to listen to them. There’s nothing in the world like hearing that your music saved someone, or helped them through the hardest time in their life. It’s a feeling that makes my heart swell–it’s the cosmic reciprocation of every reason we wake up and do what we do.

I have the opportunity to travel around the world and play music I love for people who relate to it–that’s not an opportunity that many people have. To be able to share something so real and so personal, and wake up in new cities and states each day and really connect on such a powerful level… that’s something to be grateful for.

The Power of Vegan Smoothies

Everyone needs some consistency in their lives; my consistency happens to be in the form of a vegan smoothie every morning :) ! It’s important to me to have something consistent that gives me energy to think and nourishes my body. Every single morning I enjoy the fresh, healthy, natural power of a vegan smoothie… usually 3 fruits 3 vegetables. I find that harnessing this natural power brings my creative energies to their height, and provides fuel to spread the positive message I strive to no matter where in the world I may be.

Things change all the time on the road–scenery, people, vibes, weather, culture, venues–it’s necessary to have a consistency that supplies the energy I need to cultivate positive and gratuitous thoughts–it’s part of my healthy survival out there (laughs). Me and Carlos, Tribal Seeds’ drummer, both immerse ourselves in the smoothies, and it’s one of the most important parts of my day.

Music On the Road

Every single venue and city has its own vibe, and it’s beautiful to experience their intricacies. The first main part of my musical day on the road is usually sound check. You get up there and feel the stage beneath your feet, the shape of the room, the way the sound reverberates and echoes off the walls expressively… it’s not just about making sure we all sound good–sound check is our chance to find the same vibe and line up on it as a group… it’s really about finding each other. It gives us the chance to listen, truly connect on a musical level, and make sure that the rest of our day is spent in harmonic resonance for the night to come.

This prepares us for the real vibes–connecting with the hundreds or thousands of people at the venue and sharing musical moments with everyone!


Imperial Sound Recording Studio — A Dream Come True

Imperial Sound Recording Studio Being Built

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own recording studio… to have a place filled with creative energies and the ability to express them in a way that people will be able to appreciate… Imperial Sound was truly the realization of my dreams.

When the construction of Imperial Sound was completed outside my home in Imperial Beach, CA, I stood there and looked at it as a wide variety of emotions coursed through my veins–happiness, love, gratefulness, a tinge of disbelief, and the hard as iron feeling that all of my dreams were truly being realized.

True Press Recording with E.N Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studio
True Press Recording at Imperial Sound Recording Studio with E.N Young

To wake up in the comfort of my own bed, look outside at the shining sun, and know that my meditational and musical workshop is right there, ready and waiting for me… that’s something amazing. Do you ever get ideas or inspiration at some crazy-random time, and all you want to do is write it down, or play it out but there’s never a pen or instrument around–well, instead of getting a pen and paper, I built a whole recording studio :) Whenever creativity and inspiration strike, I have all the tools necessary to bring them to musical realization right at my fingertips; my home is my own musical paradise.

I can’t tell you how many beautiful little seeds began in my head as an idea and grew their way into a powerful musical tree of rhythm and melody here. This never-rushed and completely nurtured way of writing over the years has enabled me to build a wealth of material, and I am grateful to say that this year began feeling like the right time to release it. I finally found myself in a place where I’m ready to release a new solo album to the world.

E.N Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studio

It has been a long time since I released a solo album. It’s not due to any lack of creativity, inspiration, or love… these things are all abundant in my life. What it really comes down to is time. As soon as my recording studio was ready, the universe’s energy communicated to me that it was time to help other artists realize the greatness they are capable of, and help bring their vibes to the world. It was my calling at the time, and I answered it… it was exactly what I needed to do to grow my musical future.

Years Worth of Vibes In My New Solo Album

Now, I’m ready to continue my solo project with new experience, energy and passion. This is such an exciting time for me; I have years of new material built up and recorded, and I finally got that feeling that it’s ready–that I’m ready–and it’s time to release these vibes to the world very soon.

E.N Young In the Studio

I’ll probably be releasing in the next month or two, and I can’t wait for people to hear this and experience it. In the big picture, this solo album is infinitely special–it’s one more musical painting in time for me–an autobiography of thoughts, feelings and inspirations from all over, and one more piece of the blessed and artful tapestry my life consists of. My heart and soul is etched permanently into every one of my songs, and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with everyone.

Bringing Others Up

One of my favorite things in the world is helping bring someone’s talent into the light. When my recording studio first came into being, working with Tribal Seeds was a dream come true… it was literally a life-changing event. Since then, I have been blessed to work with so many different, unique and infinitely talented artists.

I had a strong feeling and desire to help produce songs and really bring other people’s visions to reality, and all of a sudden the opportunity was right there in front of me. Artists each have their own way of doing things, and my way is to not infringe on another artist’s preferences or ideas. I’m always there to offer a suggestion if wanted or needed, but the whole point is to bring that power of creativity out from all directions, and to really let a song or project come into being organically.

E.N Young and Hirie at Imperial Sound Recording Studio

To me, a studio atmosphere should be like a creative conversation, where everything should be given with the intent of contributing to the creativity. That’s what builds a strong vibe. That’s what translates to a strong song. And most importantly, that’s what is carried through to the listeners who we want the music and message to resonate strongly with. If it’s organic from the start, then people will hear that, and the music serves the purpose the artist intends it to.

My job is to support the artist, and cultivate a warm and positive environment that enables their creativity. We just finished up Tatanka’s newest album, and wow… the vibe in the studio the whole entire time was just unreal. Those guys bring this huge energy–I had such an amazing time working with them.

And really, that goes for every artist that comes through–Clear Conscience, Arise Roots, Hirie, Skanks Roots Project, True Press, KBong, Gonzo, Beyond I Sight, Zephyris, Inna Vision, Without Papers, Animo, Thrive!, High Tide, Mystic Roots, Leilani Wolfgramm, New Kingston, Lea Love, The Steppas, Sono Vero, Solrising, Wakane–these artists all bring the formula for creation, and I simply nurture and cultivate that vibe… I’m truly blessed to be working with such creative and talented people.

Roots Musician Records

Roots Musician Records Logo

Roots Musician Records is the other tier of my dreams as an artist. It’s truly a joy to me to help develop the creativity and sound of others, and I see Roots Musician Records as a chance to take this to another level. You know, I never really pictured myself in this role–a mentor-like thing–but I find myself really appreciating when people want to learn from my experiences, and as I grow into this position I won’t take it lightly… I’ll be there when people need me.

Gonzo and Leilani both bring such amazing songs, energies and good vibrations to the table that it was an easy decision to want to work more with them. The main message of Roots Musician Records is pretty simple: we want to spread positive vibes worldwide.

Roots Musician Records Tour

We just completed an amazing Roots Musician Records Showcase tour, and people are really receiving the message well. The reggae-rock community holds such a strongly supportive and open-minded intention… roots grow quickly in this soil. To spread my solo music with Leilani and Gonzo is one of the strongest and most positive experiences I have encountered–imagine just doing everything you love with great friends– that’s the vibe we work with here. And the feeling of releasing my new solo album to the world soon under the Roots Musician Label… it’s just like the whole universe has lined up and granted me my dreams.

A Full Plate

E.N Young Playing Melodica
Photo By: Kristy Rose Productions in Association with Top Shelf Reggae https://www.facebook.com/kristyroseproductions

Between Tribal Seeds, Imperial Sound Recording Studio, my solo work and Roots Musician Records, let’s just say I stay busy :) But you know what, when you’re doing what you love, there’s nothing that compares to that. Every single day I wake up and bring my dreams to further realization–I can’t project enough thanks and gratitude for all of these opportunities.

To many, the life I live may seem like a dream–in lots ways it is–but I was able to achieve all of this through knowing what I wanted, working hard toward it, and never for a second letting doubt or negativity influence my direction. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been positive… that’s an important thing to remember.

I am so thankful for everything and everyone, past and present, who have helped contribute to my life. At the end of a long day of recording, there’s almost nothing I enjoy more than taking a ride down the palm tree lined road outside my home, and watching the sun as it sets majestically over the Pacific ocean.

Pretty soon the cycle will continue, and as I gear up to hit the road again with Tribal Seeds, I’ll make sure my vegan smoothies keep me going through the long days and nights of musical inspiration that fill my beautiful life. My thanks and praise go to the Hill Kid family for all the support, to my good friend Marley, and all of you wonderful people that support this movement. Bless ^”

E.N Young
Photo By: Josue Rivas Fotographer — http://josuerivasfoto.com/

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