Cydeways’ New Music Video for “Shadows” is a Visual Dream

Byline & Interview by Allie Adams

Last week LAW Records newest signees, Santa Barbara-based quintet Cydeways, dropped their first music video for the sensually down-tempo, hip-hop laden single “Shadows”, featuring Seattle artist Grieves.

I can’t decide whether it’s director Dane Hodgson’s gritty urban versus nature stop-motion sequences (the underwater clips are *gorgeous*), the visually stimulating cinematography or Grieves millennial pink San Diego sweater that does it for me. I’m here for it all, though.

Frontman Dustin Parks and I rapped out for a bit earlier this week and I learned more about the eclectic five-piece.


AA: How did Cydeways form and your sound come together?

DP: Our producer, Trevor Buckingham, and I started Cydeways after high school around 2012 or 2013. He was huge into producing rap/hip-hop tracks and I was too, but I was mainly into writing reggae-ish music. We kind of combined the two together, reggae style songwriting with a hip-hop influence. We have definitely branched out a bit from that, aiming more towards reggae but this track “Shadows” I feel goes back to our roots a bit.

AA: Tell me a little bit about the creation of the song

DP: I had written “Shadows” months before we even signed with LAW, even though it’s technically the first installment of this upcoming project we have with them. It’s not your average reggae song… it definitely has a darker context to it. I was for sure in a darker place at the time, being broke as hell and all that good stuff.

AA: Feel that [both laugh]

DP: We knew we wanted a feature for this track to bring that hip-hop vibe, so Trev and co-producer Dana Shouts reached out to this dude out of Seattle, Grieves. He came into the mix and just killed it. We shot the video and released the track as our first single with LAW!

AA: Anything you guys have coming up you wanna plug?

DP: We will be dropping our second single “Dream” at some point in January. This track is much more for the reggae fans! Will keep you guys posted on that… as far as shows go we have a few big ones coming up that have not been announced yet. We will drop the news soon!

*Find Cydeways on all digital outlets HERE


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