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Clutch Jewelry was established in Phoenix, AZ in 2010 by CEO and Creative Director Stacy Renee Eden who learned the art of goldsmithing at N. Arizona University under Joe Cornett. She named Clutch for her grandfather who races and restores classic motorcycles. “We grew up watching Papa work in the garage and riding ATVs together in the sand dunes. “He didn’t want kids in the garage when I was growing up but he’s very proud now to have another metalworker in the family now,” Eden says with a smile.

She is a Phoenix, Arizona native with a passion for art, power tools, and historical significance. She draws inspiration everywhere from classic cars, to ancient mythological sculptures, to architecture, to a ridiculously wide range of music.

“Active Art is an exciting movement that I knew I wanted to be a part of the moment I read about it. Art, music, and getting out into the world to share it is the biggest and brightest catalyst for positivity in the world that I can imagine! Proud to be working, creating, and supporting the arts with the Hill Kid Active Art Community.” – Stacy Eden, Clutch Jewelry, Creative Director

All proceeds from the sales of Clutch Jewelry on the Hill Kid website will be donated to the Fender Music Foundation. Learn more about the charity here: