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AMP Live

For over twelve years a wizard of sonic magic has been summoning powerful music from dimensions not known to mere mortals. His overwhelming power has been felt through the earth shaking bass vibrations emanating from his mythical MPC Guitar, and his collaborations are legendary; Eligh, Bassnectar, Akon, Atmosphere, Flipsyde, Nicole Schercenger of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Rebelution, Tokyo Police Club, MGMT, Linkin Park, Goapele, Mystic, and more.This is Amp Live.

Amp Live, also known as one half of the legendary Oakland based hip hop group Zion I, is a producer that knows no boundaries. His work has been heard through Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, Reggae, and Electro genres and has had his work featured in countless movies, TV shows, commercials, video games and ad campaigns. His music has been licensed with companies such as Intel, Nestle, Disney, Fox, EA Games, ESPN and more. In 2008 he remixed “In Rainbows” , an album by the experimental rock group Radiohead, into his own “Rainy Dayz EP”. It was a breakout success that landed top collaborations and a series of mind bending solo albums and EPs. On stage, Amp Live brings together old-school and new-school samples through his live DJ controllers, turning what used to be a stale performance of samples in to a sonic adventure of the mind, body and soul. Amp Live is currently working on his upcoming LP, “My Headphone Concerto” and continues to produce ground breaking music with well established and up and coming artists.