Above The Storm – My 2018 Philosophy on Life

Above the Storm

As we turn the corner into a new year, and look at the world with fresh eyes, many of us look at all the things we’d like to accomplish or change. New goals, new thoughts, new perspectives.

Looking back at my trip to Great Stone Studios to see some of my boys in Stick Figure almost three months ago now, I think about the single Above The Storm, and realize it resonates with me so much because it describes what I try and hold as my general philosophy on life.

If I look around and just pay attention to headlines, sometimes it seems like it’s all falling apart. But when I zoom in and realize how much I have to be grateful for in life, and focus my attention on all the positive things, I can actually lift myself out of the chaos, and realize there’s a place ‘Above the Storm’.

I’d urge you to try and find this place. To me, it’s not so much a place that ignores the fact that there are negative things around us, or that things could be better, but it is a place where you focus your efforts on how to do your part in living a good life, and shining a little light out into the darkness.

I don’t pretend things are perfect; I deal with stuff just like everyone else. I just try and spend more of my time focusing on the positive than the negative. And maybe, just maybe, that mindset will enable me write a song that helps pull someone else into a better place, or put some words together that inspire you to do something nice for the world.

Shit can get crazy when you get sucked into the chaos. I’m hoping this year that more of us can find a place above the storm, kick back with some good music, appreciate how much life has to offer, and do good in the world.

Maybe if we get enough people to live above the storm, we’ll start seeing the whole world come up to find the beauty that can be here.

Much love fam, here’s to hoping you have an amazing New Year!

Brendan Clemente (Music) :)


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