A Quick Letter to Kyle Smith Celebrating the New Single ‘Just Like Them’

Kyle Smith Just Like Them - Art Amber Crouch

Before you do anything, go listen to the new single (beautiful artwork by my friend Amber Crouch)!

New Kyle Smith Single – Just Like Them 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have time to put together a huge post, and I’m sure you don’t have time to read one. So I decided to write a quick letter to Kyle and the band thanking them for their awesome music, the great new single, and the inspiration that so many of us connect with watching as this journey unfolds.

Kyle, it’s hard to believe that just seven years ago I couldn’t find you on any stages, I never saw your inspirational posts on social media, and you sure as hell didn’t have an incredible band and loyal following of fans rabidly anticipating your song releases. No, seven years ago most of your time was spent sticking needles in your arms or searching for your next fix. 

But here we are on the eve of your latest single release, and man, I am so fucking inspired by you. What I’m seeing is undeniable proof that a lot of positive changes can happen in seven years, and it makes me insanely happy to see you out there being such a beautiful example of that. Not only did you beat the devastating odds of overcoming addiction, you bounced back from that determined to make the most of every second, and do your best to spread music that you love to the world.

As a fellow artist, I am both intimidated and insanely inspired by your grind in the best way possible; I see you getting up before dawn for work, working out after, producing inspiring content for social media, interacting with your fans on an unbelievable level, running an awesomely successful merch business out of your living room, and somewhere in between, finding time to write and produce great music and travel to every gorgeous national park within a thousand miles when you have a few hours off. Damn dude, talk about goals!

You not only remind me what the necessary hard work to be a successful musician looks like, you inspire me with how open you are sharing your life, and you truly embody the art of being a magnificent storyteller who spreads a good message to people who need to hear it.

You’ve put together an incredible band to bring this music to people – Christopher Nishida literally gave me his bed to sleep in when I spent the night at your place practicing for Cali Roots, and Scott Brown has always been one of the first people to message and and congratulate me in any given situation.

And finally, George Massa aka George Spits of Llamabeats, who produces for Slightly Stoopid and many of my other favorite bands, did an absolutely incredible job helping bring this song to life.

I’m so proud of all your accomplishments, and know you’ll keep pushing and growing into infinity. Thank you for being an inspiration and friend, and make sure you take some time to cherish and enjoy all the success! Here’s to many more years brother!

Brendan Clemente





Far too many people never make it out of that dark world that he knows all too well, so to see him healthy, sober, motivated, and frankly, kicking ass in his music career, is a really beautiful thing to me. I strongly believe in the power people have to change their lives for the better.


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