5 Minutes on the Road with New Kingston

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Byline: Allie Adams

A month into the new year and midway through the west coast #ComeFromFarTour, the Jamaica via Brooklyn family we call New Kingston is staying focused and grateful as their 2018 festival season roster keeps growing. They are scheduled to appear March 16-18 at Reggae Rise Up in St. Petersburg, FL followed by California Roots Music & Art Festival in Monterey, CA on May 26-28 (Memorial Day weekend!); Levitate Music Festival in Marshfield, MA July 7-8; Boomtown Music Festival in the UK on August 9-12; annnnnnnnd Overjam Music Festival in Slovenia on July 10-15.

We chatted briefly this week after I shot their show at Discovery in Ventura (scroll for photos)… mostly about normal stuff like being on tour with The Late Ones and what we can expect to see from them at Cali Roots (they wouldn’t tell me anything!). Here’s a clip from our conversation:

AA: How’s this tour going?
NK: Tour is wonderful, we’ve received nothing but good vibes and positivity from the people who’ve come out to support us.
AA: What type of vibe do The Late Ones bring to the experience?
NK: They’re great. Every night you can expect them to hit the stage ready, and with good energy. Glad to have them aboard with us on the journey.
AA: What can fans expect to see at Cali roots, music-wise?
NK: We don’t want to say too much about what we have in store for Cali Roots just yet, but we can say that our show will be beyond spectacular, and certainly something you want to put on your list for the weekend.
AA: What’s one thing you love about being on the road?
NK: Embracing new people, and being able to share our message in our music with new people in a new city every night.

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